Westbow Family 

In 1977 was when this company came to be. Dick Westeringh established this business with family in mind! Nearly the entire immediate family is involved and a part of the Westbow Team. We have built homes all over North America, gained a wealth of experience and a great name in the construction industry. Westbow is based out of British Columbia but also has a team building in Saskatchewan. 

We are proud to show a diverse portfolio of work from our projects over the last four decades.”
  We’ve worked hard to build and strengthen lasting relationships with our customers and partners. This success is primarily due to our educated team of engineers, designers, and trades. 
Our Mission.

A home is one of the greatest investments of a lifetime. Westbow Construction is committed to providing the best quality home for you and your family. We are proud to be a trusted home builder in Chilliwack and Saskatoon, and we intend to ensure every one of our customers feels their home is quality made.