Let me introduce myself
My name is Janaya Robinson. I have a passion for art, design and everything home related! I started this blog with Westbow the last couple months and have truly enjoyed getting sneak peeks of their developments and exterior/interior home designs. A house is the most important investment a person can make. A home is where you start a family, its where you feel comfortable and safe. At Westbow i do social media marketing, photography and blogging. I have been working for Westbow for about 9 months so far. I love doing this job as i already have a passion for housing and really enjoy the Westbow family. One of my greatest memories was going to Haiti with the team, being a part of the community they are helping build there, doing volunteer work & photographing the trip.
First and for most, what i love about Westbow homes is that it is an authentic family business. And not just any family, a huge one!! Dick Westering (Owner) has 10 children most of which are a part of this thriving family business. Not only are they great at development but they are generous, kind people creating spacious living without breaking the bank. 
Secondly my talented husband Brendan Robinson Designs these beautiful houses. Not only does he make them look great but makes them functional and creates a unique house style.
Inventive but something timeless and a home for EVERYBODY.
  And last but not least …
I just love being apart of the Westbow family!